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PBRRA was founded in 1904 and is the longest running referees association on the East Coast.

We officiate all local Poverty Bay rugby competitions and various games around the country. PBRRA are dedicated to developing young, up and coming referees via interchanges to other districts and providing a potential career path. We have connections with North Harbour, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Wellington rugby referees associations. 

We also welcome and take the time to look after everyone at our association.

We believe that refereeing is for anyone and everyone. Anyone from ex-players to people totally new to rugby are most welcome. 

Contact 0800 REFEREE who will refer you to us or come to our club rooms at Rugby Park, Chalmers Road, Monday nights, 6pm.


Referee Report Forms 

1. Form A – Report of Referee (Ordering Off) (PDF Download Click Here) 

2. Form B – Report of Assistant Referee (Ordering Off) (PDF Download Click Here) 

3. Form C – Report of Referee (Temporary Suspension) (PDF Download Click Here) 

4. Form D – Report of Assistant Referee (Temporary Suspension) (PDF Download Click Here) 

5. Form E – Report of Referee (Matches Called Off) (PDF Download Click Here)

6. Referee Abuse Form  Click Here for PDF Download

7. 2018 Serious Injury Report Forms  Click Here for PDF Download

8. NZRU 2018 Black Book   Click Here for PDF Download


Quote of the week

“The trouble with referees is that they just dont give
a damn which side wins”

Good luck to all

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